April 22, 1997


You do not need a love that would offer you something since you have already experienced that. You need a love in which you will be asked to give, without response. This love will lead you to recognize the boundaries of fear at some point, to demolish it once and for all, to overcome the barrier it puts to experiencing the grand Man-God. It is finally so clear that as soon as you recognize this Truth, the conditions which had created the external sheath of the facts are abolished of their own accord. This alone comes to prove to you that what you seek is not what you think it is. The thought behind the thought, the primary force that moves the thread of life, is your desire to experience the authenticity of your entire divine Self and not the desire to rest; because resting means to deny the endless and attach to the partial.

Experiencing love in the right way does not mean action. Action is the natural corollary of the soul's process, that comes without you seeking it. So, lead your self to feel, to experience what it wants emotionally and this will be the right thing to do, the real action. The material deed has no substance at all, when it is not a manifestation of the soul's motion.

Use the person you have in order to come to know your self. Through him, you will realize that life patterns are nothing but the results of fear that actually amplify the existence of fear instead of abolishing it. Because, when you compete with something, then this grows and is consolidated, since it feeds on your own mental power. Everything exists from within Conscience, and what you do not define does not exist. When God named his Creations, he then gave them life, because the name, the Word is the manifestation of the divine, the materialization of his Will. In that sense, when you ask, then you cannot have, because only by naming a lack, you immediately give it material dimensions for realization in earthly life. Hence, what is a paradox for you is explained; acquiring something when you stop seeking it, because then you cease giving substance to its absence. Remember that the human mind is the one that moves the evolution of things, and the predetermined is none other than the sequence on the way one chooses.