April 25, 1997 (Good Friday)


We spoke about love and I pointed out to you that the love you diffuse into the world as an im-personal emotion, means understanding at first, then lack of evaluation and finally acceptance. It is not expected, of course, for you to love everything to the same degree, because this depends on the internal bond that you have with each one, but even for whatever is unfamiliar to you, you ought to have understanding, meaning to be able to recognize their position in the world, to objectively observe their course, so as to justify the grade of development at which they are. This will distance you from any notion to exercise criticism – no matter how "fair" you believe it to be – because you will realize the necessity of the specific phase in which they are, and also their previous and forthcoming course. This is how acceptance works for whatever we do not like and we are not obliged to like, and we internally touch a-pathy as the distancing from feelings of rejection and condemnation, which have as a result to deregulate our own vibrations and demote us to a psychological state of turmoil and sorrow. Facing, therefore, with love whatever we do not like or we criticize, even with absolutely fair criteria, means to protect our self from unpleasant vibrations and allow things to move of their own volition. The tendency towards intervention is, after all, a demonstration of selfishness on behalf of even the most righteous of people. Let us allow our self to feel whatever emotions are created in him; but let us stop in time on the surface level, where our deeper being is not involved in the turmoil.

I also remind you that one reason which implicates us in such kinds of situations is the fear that we are being threatened, something which, as you know, isn't true, because the same approaches the same, and the inferior does nοt threaten the superior.

This is unconditional love, the one that alarms you so much, because you have learned to live without it. Even in the highest union of souls, people lay conditions and love as long as these conditions are fulfilled. You must realize for good and all that the courses of peoples' lives are always parallel, therefore no one is threatened by anyone else; the conflicts are impossible, an imaginary fear which by itself disorientates the course in the name of some imminent, yet forever non - existent, conflict. When you comprehend this deeply, then you will get rid of the fear your fellow men constantly cause you. The fear of loss, in other words separation, is the primary feeling of the detachment of the soul from the divine One, when it started the course of its becoming conscious; it is, therefore, a primary memory, a feeling identified with the thresholds of beingness and yet it concerns each soul separately while it moves towards Re-union, so it is unjustly attributed to the relationships with fellow human beings.

It is very important to confirm your emotional domination, and this is succeeded through hard trial and exercise. Only a noble love can give fruits prolifically, otherwise the seed of the fruit will be carrying the imperfect. Certainly, you recognize that your way is still long, and while you are far away you won't be able to discern the end. But faith must be strong for whatever is distant and invisible. Τhe soul is calm only when it believes in love, which is the certainty that there is no other way than the one leading to the End which is the Beginning, to the One which is Everything. You may use fear, if you wish, as a means to learn the not Being, do know, however, that you identify with Being, and this will never change.

Excessive physical tenderness drives to an indolent state of the soul and leads it to erroneously identify the now with the eternal.

I know exactly what you want. What must happen is that you yourself come to know what you are asking for, and this is the reason for the materialization of some thoughts in an immediate time span, in order to try out the consequences your will may effectuate in some direction.

Moreover, it is important for you to understand that you must not request, because nobody else has the power of activation other than your self, who encompasses Everything, therefore lack is unfounded and in reality it is a flight from Work. In other words, when you ask it means that you do not experience the Now, and experiencing is the course of the Soul. When you identify with the non-Now you nullify yourself, and that is why you feel the solitude and pain of separativeness. That was the primary pain the "first" people of Mythology felt, when they desired the non-Now, what they did not have, meaning when they denied the Course of Experiencing, which God initiated by dividing his Self in order to become conscious of It, when they were placed outside the Work. Flight from the Now, consequently, may only inflict pain on man, because it reminds him of his separation from the One, from God.

I understand that you have become tired, that's why the difficult path will stop for a while. You can put your thoughts to sleep and seek sensation. Earthly life has much joy to offer the people who know the abolition of death.


(continuation that was given as an explanation)

Desire has the meaning of choice and differentiates from the sense of lack, which entails requesting. Requesting implies that you do not have – absence – whereas desiring implies that you choose to direct your attention to one of All, the partial of the Whole.