November 12, 1995


Difficult is the path. Faith is indispensable. It is not the time for profit but for investment. Orientate yourself with the voice you are hearing without vanity. Don't kill off your own effort. There are no omens that can hinder God's deed.

Don't let your voice cover the voice of God. You become blind and deaf and your faith becomes inert. You bind yourself to the earthly mind and you give yourself away to Evil. Don't deny the good and optimistic thoughts because they are the Light and the Truth.

The gift alone has no weightiness at all. Therefore seek work, do not refuse the work of the spirit and the soul as much as that of the body. Your effort has special value now that the circumstances are obscure. The time of the Light approaches.

You will find certainty and safety only in the arms of God and his angels and not in material goods. Earthly desires are bonds for the soul, and learn not only not to depend on them emotionally, but to shake them off by yourself.

Approach your mother because time is becoming limited. You are in the wrong when love does not guide you. Try to cover the distance yourself, even if the other seemingly refuses to. You know, he does not. So he will be forgiven, you will not.

You feel pressure, but you were the one who asked for it and it was given to you. Do not ask for too much because you will also lose what you already have. The universe is as tolerant as it is strict. Curb the passions which prevent knowledge from coming to light.

Give without sparing, ask with some measure and circumspection. If you can't elevate yourself and support your task, no one can do it for you, and everything will be demolished.

Don't become settled with external help, because it cannot be offered to you constantly and uninterruptedly. Grow up. Life is a struggle and not a road well surfaced and bright. Find the glow-worms, but do not expect lanterns.

Hold yourself to the present and forget the habits of the mind of the past. By turning to the past you deaden the now and plant empty seeds for tomorrow.

Bravery is a great virtue, appear to be a brave person.

Cowardice is disgraceful, treason is dreadful. He who knows is not allowed to be a coward, even in front of the most horrible threats. Only with prayer can you bring the courage you lost back again and prayer is trust in the power of God and His deed, for which you too have been recruited. Gather your powers towards one aim, and do not split them struggling on many fronts, because you permit the enemy to overpower you.

Follow the advice you yourself also give, as if you were listening to it from somebody else, because this is what happens. Raise your head but lower your eyes. Keep yourself on the bright path, and do not think it is easy, the path is long. Do not refuse the support from the Spirits of Good, because they will refuse when you call them.

I don't want to scare you. Favour is found in Balance. I just want to awaken you from the nightmare, the awakening is simply unpleasant.

Don't overestimate your powers. Humbleness is the medicine. I know the difficulties. If the target seems unreachable to you, it is better if you abandon it temporarily, rather than crashing into it. You can protect your self. Do not think that I discourage you from trying. Besides you cannot know the result in advance - so do not seek other signs.

Go in God