May 6, 1997


When you love somebody, then you must concern yourself with offering to him, and not asking from him.

(- And what about my needs?)

When you love and offer, then you are complete, then no unsatisfied need exists. Because man's real need is his reunion in the divine Body, the return to Unity, and this is fulfilled through real love.

(- And when the other does not accept what I offer him, when he denies my love?)

The love you show works within you regardless of the result towards the other. Your own love fulfils you because it brings you closer to your old, divine self, to your true divine thisness. Besides, when the offering of love is pure, without the involvement of selfishness, then not only do you not expect the result it will have on the other, but you wish, out of humbleness, to remain in the shadows.

(- I'm never gonna make it …)

Do not diminish yourself. A poet of your country said (he means C.P. Cavafy): " To have reached this point is no small achievement". Nothing is accomplished automatically, because matter is not subdued easily, the process is long and painful. But you should not give up when the greatness of the mountain rises in front of you. Face it step by step, and then it will become accessible.