June 3, 1997


Faith is about your self, it is about union, convergence. Selfishness, on the contrary, has to do with the others, focuses on intervening in the life of others, consequently it has to do with divergence, with split.

(- It is not absolutely clear to me …)

When you believe in something it means that you trust your connection with the harmony of the Universe and you expect that whatever happens will be what it should. Arrogance, on the other hand, makes you predetermine within yourself that which you want to happen, and that is what you expect, regardless of whether this can express the harmony of the Universe.

(- So, it has to do with the result.)

It has to do with the feeling you nurture within yourself, regarding the result. When you believe, your inner balance does not depend on any result, while when you are carried away by selfishness, it depends on whether the result is the one you wanted.

(- And what about power? Doesn't man have the power to "impose" his will?)

Man in general has great power. If he desires something strongly and decides its materialization, he can usually achieve it. Here selfishness is involved when the desire is compulsory, meaning the consequences which will result from the activation of the whole procedure, are not taken into consideration. Then man does not trust the Universe, its mechanisms and its harmony, but he focuses exclusively on his desire and its satisfaction.

(- Then why does something that I want so much not happen?)

The fact that it doesn't happen is your own arbitrary conclusion.

You have not taken into consideration that it is impossible for the materialization of a desire, which probably concerns an entire life plan, to happen directly and quickly. If you take computers as an example, you will understand the procedure: the older the model is, the slower it is in processing data, or in its memory, or in printing. The more advanced the technology is, the more automatized the work becomes.

(- Meaning, we are "old models"?)

No matter how far the mind, the intellect of some of you has advanced, the material body ranks you amongst the "old technology". Some great masters had the ability to overcome these boundaries and accelerate the processes: what you then saw, meaning the "miracles", was an immediate materialization of the desire through the power of thought.

(- I go back to what I was saying. So, then the time has not come for what I want to be materialized.)

Exactly. What is difficult for people, in reality is untimely. Exactly the same thing, when the appropriate time comes, becomes easy and simple. Difficulty, therefore, is not an inborn quality, but the way man perceives that the right moment has not come, that time is not enough.

(- What about the case of people who desire something for a whole lifetime and it doesn't happen?)

They may desire something, but it may seem to them that its attainment will confront them with bigger problems, so they themselves avoid the materialization of their desire, out of fear of the "unknown" future. But this is another case that does not concern you.

(- Something irrelevant: I feel tired very quickly when we converse.)

Hyper-coverage in the case of our conversation demands completely different work, on a mental level, from the usual one and forces you to be especially vigilant. This tires you. Besides, you're an "old lady"…

(- Is that a joke?)

Sort of. It is something you know.

(- How could I make sure that all this is the truth, that I'm not having delusions for instance?)

The truth is that you precisely have de-lusions!

Truth is something that makes you feel good, calm. Give the truth time and it will assure you of itself. Besides, even if it weren't true, the way you mean it, you will have lived a decent and beautiful life (I've told you that before through the words of an acquaintance of ours …). This is the only way.

(- You are right. I think that even if you told me now that it isn't true, I would still do and believe the same things.)

The aeon of Life is my path, which passes through the time-less. As long as your thought accompanies me, everything will be familiar and close to you. Light and Darkness is the same Being, is the heart that moves in the Perpetual Universe.

Tread in the footsteps that have been opened up, without fear, because there is no beginning or end. Death is life; space is the moment. Everything is according to whatever you have already come to know.