June 30, 1997


Wait until the road in front of you which will denote the real Mission, becomes clear. Until then, your heart will constitute the beacon which will clear the darkness of the unknown, the road sign that will guide the footsteps in the desert. Behind everything there is the Providence of God, which prepares the Coming of Life. You don't need to understand whatever happens, you also don't need to try to foresee or provide for your future, because the divine Thought is making provision for it.

Your own work is to follow in the steps, which are revealed in front of you, and feel the certainty of divine Grace. Do not predispose yourself with negative feelings for the future and judge none other than the precedent.

You must trust the Deed before you encounter it, that's why you shouldn't seek the meaning of Life in the visible and tangible either, but in the invisible and immaterial, with the faith that it will be revealed to those who seek it.

You see, life is difficult when you experience "daily routine", and the exercise presupposes the practice of it and not the isolation in a spiritual environment. Do not be afraid that you will lose your spirituality while you associate with the earthly thisness of life; learn to maintain both of them, this is the power you are called to have. Count on Providence that is talking to you through the mouth of the beloved, because for as long as you distinguish its voice, the Light will accompany you.