July 2, 1997


The messages I have here to tell you are the following:

Do not believe what people's words say, but see how their actions are interpreted. Words often speak contrary to the thoughts or the intentions, and express only the part of the reality that man wishes to show. Let man have the time to feel safe and bring out his real self and this means by no means, should you rush to conclusions and chiefly do not react.

The messages are always clear and speak directly to your soul, so that there won't be a chance of a dilemma or vagueness or absence of attention on your behalf. For whatever you are not sure, it is a product of thinking and not a sign from God. Then, when it occurs that you are not sure about what you must do, suspend every action and decision and connect with God. For you to be in the situation you are, means that this is what God wanted from you at the specific moment. If you had to do something else, then it would have spoken clearly within you without any chance of misunderstanding.

Some people come with a certain specified mission. For them neither choices nor crossroads exist because their course is well defined. Those, like Mother Gavrilia, only follow in the steps that are being dictated to them. But it's different for you. You still have to complete the evolution of your soul, and this means that you have choices which you must make, and everything – or at least most of it – is in progress. That's why many times it is asked of you to decide on the spot, since there isn't a certain predestined path that you must follow.

Show trust and love. Don't ask the data from me. I assure you, however, that you are going through a very bright period of life, you are close to me, perhaps for the first time with such full awareness.