July 7, 1997


Don't blame your self for the position it is in, because God has placed the stones exactly where they must be. You compare yourself with a woman (he means Gavrilia), whose role was totally different from yours. No stone resembles the other; no path of life is the same for two people. Each one has a distinct life task and must find it and take care of it.

You are afraid again for no reason, while within yourself you know the road God has in store for you. Don't try to disclaim sorrow. Experience sorrow as a circumstantial emotion, under the presence of which, you however must keep on functioning soberly. I foretell the result to you because your emotional charge is strong. Handle the day in the best possible way, and use the Word with honesty and courage. Don't doubt your power, because this is the only thing that diminishes you.

The Prophecies are clear. That with which you must occupy yourself is your self, so that you become competent to face the burden of responsibility of the spiritual deed that follows.

Bless your friends, especially those who are ill.

Also convey to M. the message that the friends who keep silent, need help. The way leading to the externalization is the appropriate one, but the attention should be turned to the understanding of the internal.

I believe in you, I have the certainty that before the new moon rises, honest love, the outspoken one, the revealing one will have spoken in your heart. You chose the hard way; but every new step on it brings you quickly to my Kingdom, your happiness.