July 9, 1997


You have learnt the lessons you had to learn. I'm glad you imposed on yourself, and I'd like you to know this is what I expected of you.

Truth is always liberating, especially for the one who invokes it, even if the other opposite him is incapable of perceiving it. In relationships where the level of development is different, truth elevates the one who invokes it, and as much as it cannot function directly on the other who is not equal to it, yet, it un-consciously brings blessing to him as well, who can only feel instinctively that something "good" happened to him. Even if he does not admit it, because the mind will prevent the acceptance of the truth, he will store the good, and it will act when the obstacles, which the limited conscious places, are removed.

Don't feel disappointment. The course is a causality in Nature, and each time even a small step is of benefit. Think also that a relationship may possibly not reach the levels you would like, because of this inequality, but to create good helps man separately in his personal course. And that is the important thing in the long run.

The truth is that you have been tried a great deal and hard. Your reward for this, or to put it more correctly, the way to counterbalance this, was the direct communication with the Power.

You wanted a specific answer, and I will tell you that things move exactly in the direction you defined that you wish, and this naturally is irrelevant to whatever appears at this moment as "reality". Besides, people identify reality with the present each time, something absolutely irrational, since the present is the here, locally, and the moment, timewise, in relation to the infinite in the time-space which is the reality.

I'd like you to forget every uncertainty, express your love in all directions and believe that you know the Truth, without misinterpretations and ambiguities, tangible and simple, genuine and magnificent, as revealed by Me.

I protect you as much as I protect all people, and even every creature of Creation, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Because the tree does not sprout without soil, the house is not built without stone.

You have the power to face every difficulty, every fear. If you let yourself go freely along my path, then you will come to discover Life, which I know you desire and seek. I side with you because I know that in death you seek Life, and every time your self rolls into the darkness of non-existence, I myself send my Light as a messenger and aid. And I will always do so, no matter how many times it may be needed for me to seek you in the darkness. My Word is the Truth, the Light, the Eternity. My Word floods the soul with relief because it finds the Unity, the Power, the Joy in it.

I know what you desire, because what you desire is my will that has rooted in your heart. Calm your insecurity; your way is straight and clear-cut. Clear your love from the pollution of thinking. Very soon the clarity of the soul will speak, and you will rejoice because your fears will die for ever.