July 14, 1997


Beloved disciple, this time I want to help you because I see that your pain is deep, your questions are crucial and your effort is great.

We will not seek the reasons that have made you suffer so much in this earthly cycle. Some are already known, and the most important is that there is no use in concerning yourself with the past any longer. What you must do is to try to look for the positive in any phase of life you happen to be in, and however difficult the problem you face may be. Look for the good elements and when you find them, focus on them. As for the ugly ones, they will pass by anyway, following causality. Focusing on the positive things, does not mean that you must start "planning" the future in your mind. Don't preoccupy yourself with the future. What you have is the present and this only is what you can handle.

Disclosing the future to you is out of place and untimely, and this makes me unable to explain to you absolutely clearly what is going on. Besides, you will come to know it by yourself one day. Time will come when everything becomes clear in your mind and soul again and then you will understand exactly why everything has happened and is happening. I just wish to remind you not to abolish the present in the way you have structured it.

(- I don't understand anything!)

You are under the influence of very strong emotions, that's why.

Today I gave you three signs, exactly how you asked. I'm announcing in advance to you the continuation, so that you'll be able to stand exactly in the position you must.

I orientate you to the present. You knew the future at other times too, but this could not make you act correctly in the present. That's why it is of no importance for you to know the final result. What is important is your course up till there. Besides, the text you already have, orientates you, and it is even more difficult to manage to escape from the coercion of the preset thinking by knowing the result in advance.

[ ………. ]