July 16, 1997


Everything has its own turn and meaning. The more someone approaches the moment and focuses on it, the more he misses the overall plan, a tile of which is the particular moment. Certainly, every plan has an ascending and evolutionary course and this is evident with everything in nature. This, therefore, provides man with the certainty that all the partials finally compose a picture of beauty and harmony, perfection and completeness and this must be exactly the vision of faith.    

Faith neither aims at blind obedience to the commands of external circumstances, nor at the withdrawal from the claim of desires, nor, of course, at an insubstantial groundless optimism. Because such a faith is reduced to folly and solace, and draws man away from the claim and pursuit of power, responsibility and planning of his life and course.

Nobody asks you, then to employ psychological tricks of self-deception, as for example the one of forcefully imposing "optimism". Use your mind in order to ensure practical solutions to your problem, search in life in order to find the bonds with life. If faith seems a utopia to you, give it up. And when you quit and seek the Truth of Life, you will then reach true Faith. Because Faith is the End, and Life is the desire for Faith.

Listen to the Voice, and demolish it, so as to discover my true Face each time. Because whoever stays in faith, loses the Truth.  

My Voice is your Self, that which you renounce because you love it in an eternal and infinite way. The more you demolish your Self, you will discover Eternity, because inside death you will find Life.

No fear exists for you. The ultimate fear was defeated when you chose non-existence. That is why I grant you Eternal Life, the Happiness of living within my Body, because I loved you dearly.

Your Voice will be echoing in my world as an angel of peace. Unite your Voice with mine in the one and uninterrupted Light.