July 26, 1997


You came very close to the truth and that will make your road become clear. There is no "magical" power whatsoever, that regulates man's course: everything is simple and natural and starts inwardly. You are not "rewarded" for the Truth you found, but from then on It works within you colouring everything that surrounds you. This is the way of the heart.

This way is marked by the moment. Consequently, everything is predetermined, because the heart knows in advance, yet this is not manifested; the manifestation occurs during that very moment when reality, the events touch the heart momentarily, instantaneously, and then what was long-standing dormant, appears. It is like a chemical reaction, which happens momentarily and it is exactly there where the NEW is born, the new Truth.

From that point onwards, the mind comes to elaborate the new "product", analyze it, sort it out, but this process is not creative, it does not give birth, hence it is not decisive for man's course – no matter how much he considers his choices the product of thought.

The only generative power is the heart because it is still united with the Essence of the universe, while the mind can only comment, indulge, or sometimes complicate the Truth. In this sense, everything is predetermined and predestined, because what the heart recognizes each time is only one.

Thank you for the course you have travelled so far. It is of no importance if you believe in typology; what is important is to discover the Essence inside silence and beyond any mental edifice. Besides, the concentration and the quintessence of Life is the Now, which as soon as you experience it totally, then you become worthy of Eternity.

A period of silence will follow because you seek repose. My Presence will persuade you that silence is as eloquent as the Word. Because the Word is beyond words and shapes, it is expressed or unexpressed, yet it is Living and Life-giving.

Keep your heart clear. No burden binds you anymore.

The Long-Standing
The Only-Begotten
The One of the Beings