(Full Moon and eclipse of the Moon)


First of all, chase every fear away from your heart, because the day that the Words foresaw has arrived. It is a day of joy and honour, it is the hour when the warriors of the Laws are rewarded, when they stand with pride in front of God's throne in order to account for their victories.


God loves His people, and His great love has appointed Laws which operate independently of Him to control the Universe. So, people take what they give, without His own involvement.

Remember, beloved, that what you are receiving now is what you gave a few months ago. If this means to you that you are "to blame", then it's true, but mainly in order to remind you how much you can act on things. You must acquire full awareness of your power, and this is the reason why you receive reciprocation quickly, in order to realize how interrelated everything is.

Know that the voice you hear is the voice of Truth and that nothing is future, but everything is present, because you chose it to be like this. Choice automatically means that the future exists, so don't feel strange about the fact of prediction.

Activate your decisions, always considering causality, i.e. the earthly time required for the materialization of every energy change and trust your Self, which is your Soul inside the Soul of the World, meaning I. There is no lie, because the soul that lives within the Light attracts images from the Light. So trust what you foresee and move towards the place your heart considers its homeland. There, fear and insecurity have no place, because there, Love is rewarded with Love and Darkness is rewarded with Light.

Greet my beloved Μ. and Β.

The Master