September 21, 1997


I want you to rejoice today because today is a day of joy, a day of the birth of the bright, the true, the beautiful.

Fear, about which I've talked to you so many times, falls away from your heart, that's why you must bless those people who through pain led you to redemption and happiness.

Don't be afraid to rejoice, because the new joy is a divine gift which belongs to Eternity. Pain will vanish when you project the light of Knowledge upon it, until it is buried for ever in the space of non-existence. I'm not telling you that you won't feel pain anymore, but remember the illness of the Voice and its course towards the power.

My beloved child, here are the seeds you sowed like a good farmer in the field God entrusted to you. Continue your deed, which is still much and difficult but creative and new.

Bless the Moon which marked the time, because everything has the need of your blessing.

Your fortune is My Love.