September 27, 1997


When you are under the influence of a specific emotion, do not try to enforce it logically, but simply let it exist without connecting it with rational thoughts. This isolates the emotion and keeps it within the dimensions it really has. If you fall into connecting the emotion with rational reasoning, then you consolidate it on the one hand, and on the other you maintain the wrong association of ideas, which distort reality.

As I told you before, this age is an age of Birth. Don't doubt all that appears in front of you, because what you see now is the Tree that will sprout for as long as this Life holds you in its bosom. I will be next to you every moment, dissipating all darkness. The Light you are healing is the Voice, since the Voice is the transformed Light which God infused into man as Breath.

Finally, remember that all those who "reject you" know your Light more than the others, and they are companions of your life, just as I am.