October 6, 1997


People who "do not believe in God" are a bit like you: they are afraid that their faith will hurt them and this makes them His refusers. God knows that whoever is weak needs Him more and looks over them, with the certainty that they will find Him one day, and will glorify His name in the safety of His acceptance. Therefore, do not accuse the ones who do not believe in Me, because they will find Me one day, the way you also found Me.

Follow My will, this leads you to the Life within My body.

Your voice will unite many people. Don't rush to judge whatever appears before you, but do believe that the explanation will be the one it should be.

You were born a woman in order to receive, because woman is the field that receives the fruit. Remember that you must not name relationships, because only God has named. Seek the name that God gave you, therefore, and that is the name of Love.

You do what you must, suffice you know that this is what appears to be and not what exists. Do not be in a hurry to face what exists, because the gaze frightens the unruly animal and puts it to flight. You have the time before you for everything to be fulfilled on time. After all, life is beautiful for you now. Live it without thinking, without anguish and concern. You know its cycles and you wait for them without fear. Be loyal to your heart and strict with your fears.

You are as far away as the mind separates you and as close as the Truth unites you. I'm here to unite the voice with the sound of silence. No obstacle exists between you except the present. You, woman, must wait and love, because your task is a life task for some people who remember death only. Ask Me each time the query of the course torments you.

Don't lose your trust. When you trust, you trust God. Wisdom, Power, Light, Love.