October 10, 1997


Knowledge counterbalances fear. That is why you must "learn" what you are scared of. The more knowledge advances, the more the sense of fear withdraws. Knowledge is freedom because it renders man capable of advancing, choosing and escaping from obligatory courses.

We often define fear ourselves, as long as we name whatever in particular causes us fear. We are trapped in fear, for however long we grant others the power and the capability to threaten us. Nobody has such a power or capability since we do not provide it to him mentally. In reality we "project" an action to him that we ourselves take against our self, we use him as a mirror, where we truly see our person "threatening" our self. When we understand our fear's projection mechanism, which is fear of the unknown and creation of a negative image for the future, we will then dispense with this feeling once and for all.

Fear limits our point of view and instead of broadening the horizons like knowledge does, it imprisons us into a forced route. The need to protect our self creates illiberal behaviour and self-confinement.

The more we project the threat against our self to the people around us, the more we become unable to love them, because we bind them to the reflection of a negative emanation, we burden them with deeds of negative return and we immobilize them in behaviours, which serve specific aims we have designed for our self.

Only if we disengage from fear and proceed on the way of knowledge shall we become capable of creating relationships of love. Firstly, we will be able to love our self, meaning not to submit it to trials of fear, and afterwards to love others, since we will allow them be their self, and we will not force them to display dependent behavior.

Move forward without fear, do not allow your self to be immobilized in this emotion. Immobilization is the real reason which creates the need for fear, because the way of knowledge is tiring.

Let only the truth live. Let the others be their self without asking or intervening. Within the joy of loneliness you will discover the completion of fellowship. Do not comment on the actions with words, because words are not needed as long as the Truth is present. So, learn to read the actions, to talk without words, to read and understand the dance of the body and the soul.

The Master