October 11, 1997


Beloved disciple, you know so much but you still trust people's words more, rather than my words. So, you see how difficult faith is, especially when people around nourish your fears with their words.

You are not called to trust any of the people, this was never asked of you by anybody. You are called to trust the voice that talks to you from the infinite, the voice of the Creator, because if you cannot trust it now, you won't be able to trust it when the deed calls you to undertake important action.

P. is also an excellent co-worker in this endeavour, since he is training you to build your faith strong and impenetrable to doubts and spies of thought.

I'm not tormenting you as you think. You are already on the right track, and your victories are important. Remember what you yourself say, "whatever is worth it, hurts and is difficult" and you will answer yourself. Besides, Truth is by now so distinct from every delusion, even the most convincing one.

Your needs are absolutely respected and are taken into consideration, that's why you always receive their satisfaction, and even in a generous way. I also think that you are able to distinguish between the need, which derives from a true lack, and the desire, which derives from fear, selfishness or greed.

Therefore, take today's lesson as a cue to strengthen your faith in what you yourself know better than the others. Fill yourself and those around with positive energy waves, and don't ask – because what you ask for is outside the situation, and apart from the fact that you won't receive an answer, you will complicate the within also.

You will receive the answer from the Voice that lives within yourself and assigns you the steps on the way to the responsibility of creation.

The darkness of fear is densest just before the Light of Faith dawns on the horizon.

The Master