October 12, 1997


Let yourself go freely into Faith, without thought, without interference, and you'll see your life rising to ethers of joy and tranquility. Do not think any more of the fear about the road or the future, because God has undertaken to guide and provide for you.

The certainty of His Providence will eradicate any need for intervention on your part, and the more the way advances, the more you will no longer feel pain. You may feel bitterness and sorrow seeing that the people around you could not meet the high expectations you had for them, but you will overcome even this when you contemplate that He looks after them as well. But certainly, you will make the traces of pain within yourself vanish, because pain is caused when we feel vulnerable, weak and powerless against evil, meaning when we forget that the Power is on our side in every movement, in every step.

The more we loosen up in the flow of the river, the more we are freed from every pain regarding our self. We sympathize deeply with others, but even then the Eternal Joy, Peace, Equanimity has rooted within us.

Every moment, in every step of yours, check your faith. Examine the negative feelings, each time they are spawned, and you will see that faith can always make them disappear until at some point in time they will no longer be spawned at all. From then on the Eternal Day will have dawned within you, because you won't need the night. And then you won't feel pain anymore not even for the others, but you'll be transmitting your faith to them and consoling them: and they will cope with "your expectations" because it will be your Light that will have opened their own way to God.

I reveal your deed to you, beloved, where the footsteps of Him, who awaits to be born through you, will walk. For as long as you send bright thought to your beloved companions, they will reach out their hand and will follow you on the road of life.