October 16, 1997 (Full Moon)


The fact that you are not to "blame" for something, does not mean that you don't have the responsibility of behaving properly towards it. In this specific case "you are not to blame", that's true, but regardless of this, you must handle it in the right way, not as if you were re-acting, but as if you were acting initially. Many things happen around you, which you have not foreseen or for which you are not responsible and you must not become irritated when you find out that your power causes certain results: this is fixed and you must accept it and use it.

Besides, you always have exactly as much as you need and no more, because what is in excess can only cause wise people anxiety and trouble and not good. You have, then, exactly what you need, so that you neither need to be concerned about having more, nor become anxious about having less.

Faith is built little by little with deeds and not rational decisions and sequences. The more you ascertain that things have cohesiveness and consistency, faith consolidates without you having to decide on it. If, then, you let time go and simply observe the course of things with open eyes, you will be on the path of Truth without trying or pressuring yourself. The same goes for the others too, but conversely: you yourself will prove with the stability of your emotions that they can build a certain trust around your person, without them deciding on it, rationally, at some particular moment.

I call on you to behave as you have known well up until now, and have proven that you can. It is difficult to forgive all those who hurt us even without them wanting to, but it is the highest and the most marvelous when we achieve it. You want to help, and besides we said that you are not afraid anymore …

This is a good era. Braid your crown, because the way is as of now, on your footsteps. Believe what the eyes that look behind the day, see.

Master Jesus