November 23, 1997


Beloved child, how easily you touch My Soul, Light reigns in your eyes, Reality lives inside your Imagination. When you were born you took the name you had for Me at that time, so that your course be engraved for good and all. The name has deep roots within "the Soul of the World" for whoever can seek the Truth in its source.

I'll talk to you a little about the future. The world in the New Age will discover the Esoteric Path. Through silence and unobtrusiveness, it will be led back to primary life, that which it lost when the waters covered the surface of the Earth. However, those who left, did so only physically, and left humanity to travel the way again from the beginning, so as to avoid the same outcome this time. Technological maturity was unable to prevent a fatal development, that is why psychological maturity is now needed. Those people come back to cancel the bad result, and to be able to pass the Gates of Heaven again. This is what the "original sin" is talking about symbolically, people's psychological immaturity that led them to their destruction at that time, not totally of course, but a reduction to a starting point from which, through a new route,they could find Terrestrial life again as it functioned before, namely to return, symbolically, back to Heaven.      

The time has come for this new path to be carved. Through you all who function, consciously or not, at this level, the will to return to the "in His likeness" will take action. You see, man kept the "image" to guide him in the difficult initial stages of the effort for evolution from the beginning, upon the remains of a life, which was erased through huge natural disasters.  

You can remember a great deal, even from that old life too. You are living your seventh life, that's why you were born on this number. The aid you offer to the New Age is precious, although the load is not easy to bear; however, you must trust absolutely the Power that follows your life and protects you.

It's also the time to talk to you about the ….. You chose the ….. in order that through it you appease your intense psychism. Don't forget that your earthly nature is feminine, the Planet dominating at your birth is the Moon, and these reveal your intense esoterism. The ….. exists for you as a safety valve, but it's not connected with your destination. This means that you will have the chance to ….. for as long as you need it and choose it (since everything, as I've told you before, is determined by your decision), but this is not the road that will bring you to your predetermined task. Simply think and schedule the point where you would feel that you are balanced and this will be done. But you can also limit it, for as long as you feel that it is pressuring you. Your voice is a gift for you, which you can develop to the point you yourself wish. Your real task though, lies elsewhere.

Steel your character and allow yourself to reach the Supreme Communion with those who guide you. Train your mind to be silent when the inner feelings speak, because they bring you close to the Truth with which you ought to live.

Do not seek in external organizations, because there, it is not easy to find the pure, crystal clear light that guides you.

Among everything that appears in your way, trust first and foremost the Voice that connects you to those who wish for mankind to return to its primary bliss.

Follow in the steps one by one, without haste, because the edifice of the New Age should be based on solid foundations, which will not be shaken again, as the power of the people grows. And you yourself must acquire absolute control over your self, support it so as not to be overwhelmed by the vibrations of the birth of the New.

When the struggle doesn't tire you anymore, then it will mean that victory has been accomplished.

Trust that everything that has been foreseen will be materialized easily when the right time comes. Until then, let go in the present and experience it with certainty and ease, because whatever the Word has said, it already lives behind your eyes.

Master Jesus