December 5, 1997


By now, the image of that past which you know, and for which you came back, begins to be configured within you. That was the Paradise mentioned in the holy texts, and out of which the people were forced because of their greediness, in order to start their course from the beginning again, by means of a hard and laborious road. By losing all traces from the past, they named their old sovereigns gods. The "gods", however, did not abandon them, and returned many times to offer them pieces of the Truth, so that they find the way of return again.

If you seek the Truth you will find it, and you will teach it, because your Voice is heard by the people.

The fatigue you feel is due to the fact that your memory is active and this certainly could not be otherwise, since you are now very close to us. Your life does not have choices, because your choice is final from now on. Therefore, there are no questions any more, but only on the surface, while deep down the answer pre-exists. So leave your life in My hands, feel and trust My guidance: this will give you rest, offer you repose.

The answer you seek came from B. "Failure" in ..... occurs because there should be a disappointment for you since you live on an earthly level, and this was the most painless for you. Besides this, you know within yourself that the joy of Creation would not come from there, because you've chosen it, your Deed is different and more essential. As for the relationship you consider as "emotional failure" you also know that it functioned so as to strengthen you, to fulfill you. Within it you realize how to act with love, choose the way of good and love, even when what exists in front of you is not the equivalent.

Your learning has been completed now. You will remain for as long as it's needed in order to present your creative deed from now on. Don't doubt the Birth which will come from this relationship. Everything will be settled when the time is right. Leave your life in My hands and trust My Name to pull you out of the darkness.