February 2, 1998


I'd like to talk to you a bit about the things that will come.

As you see, everything follows the Plan, everything is done upon the footsteps of My Choice, because you wanted and proved that you wish it to happen.

Your Voice expresses the fifth centre, the blue sword of the Hierarchy. Your Voice speaks on a limited scale, because the Deed of Birth precedes, and not as you think because the capabilities are not adequate. The manifestation on an earthly level is simply postponed.

You wonder about the truth of what you hear. However, you should not wonder about what is going to appear in any case. For as long as you keep yourself clear, you will attune to the Harmony and this will have results in daily life. Besides, the present is what "exists" for you, and the wise thing is to concern yourselves with it. Good soil becomes the right cradle for the seed of the future. Those, who prepare for the coming of the Bridegroom do not do so only in the prospect of this coming, but because they have decided on it and chosen it as a beloved way of living. Therefore, to them the Bridegroom comes through their self as the Second coming.

Those who choose Love and live with it, they themselves do not need to wait for it, because they create it and transform with its power their course in this world – and the course of the others.

Do not be afraid then, because it is not possible to lose something you yourself are. You do not have love, you are love, even if all that you see next to you disappears, even if the world you step on tumbles. No form stops the Light, no space imprisons the Eternal.

Stay in strictness without withdrawal. The weak ones appreciate what they are scared of. The strong ones respect what they appreciate.

The Son