February 15, 1998


I've talked to you once before about strictness and I think that it is an issue that needs further analysis. Strictness is a personal attitude, it concerns the person who adopts it, and has nothing to do with those towards whom it is "addressed". By this I mean that a person is either strict or not in general, and cannot be strict in one certain direction only, because then there is a lie somewhere. Strictness is principally a behaviour towards the very self; it means an unswerving, systematic and organized stance in life, it means for someone to accept and apply the Laws according to the level to which he has come to understand them, it means knowledge and critical ability. If the above do not exist, then we are not talking about strictness but selfishness and sometimes wickedness, which is manifested as lack of understanding or willingness to understand, as heartlessness, and surely it is very far from co-ordinating with the Laws.

I told you once that through strictness you must let the others "earn" what they desire. This does not imply any kind of vindictive spirit, but has to do with their freedom; no matter how much you may know the Good and the Truth in some given moment, you cannot and must not consider that it is equally self understood by the others too, and enter the process of expecting it from them or punishing them because they did not manifest it. You can only try to point it out and this as a basis means to accept and admit their freedom to find it or not. Otherwise, it is as if for instance you want to show how bad it is to take lives, by killing people.

Sometimes you are negative with things that deep down you know well, and this happens because certain emotions manage to enforce their vibration and make your whole soul tune in to them.

Strictness naturally has nothing to do with negative feelings, such as wickedness, contempt of man, sense of imposition, and so forth, because it only denotes that man has discovered the Truth, has attuned to it, without deviating at all, so then he feels calm, secure and joyful; in this situation, he can feel nothing other than being flooded with love towards everybody and everything, understanding and the willingness to forgive. Being certain himself that he is on the side of the Truth, he emanates this certainty to those around him, and does not have any inclination to force them in any way to also see it, just as when one day we are bathed in the bright Sun by the sea and we are not in anguish - we do not even think – of trying to convince the ones next to us, that we are all experiencing a sun-kissed morning.

When things are not that self-evident, then we firstly examine our self, in order to become certain that our strictness is indeed siding with the Truth and not an intention to impose ourselves (with the aim to draw energy violently from the others, etc. as you already know). Afterwards we continue our course without "warnings", "threats" or other such like, and of course without consuming ourselves in convincing the others of what we are doing. It must be completely clear in our minds the sense that strictness concerns our self only, so it is not a behaviour towards others, does not manifest itself with words, let alone violent and pressing or apologetic ones, and most important, it cannot be accompanied by negative or anguished feelings.

I know that you wish for a confirmation, and I know that your needs are absolutely human. You ought however to know the Ethereal and the Eternal, touch it with the Spirit, even when you cannot conquer it.