November 17, 1995


Going along with the will of the Lord is great fortune.

Do not rush to conclusions before conditions allow it, because then judgments are incomplete and unjust.

God was revealed to you because it was time for such a thing to happen to you, and because in this way you can also help others.

Don't refuse life with its risks and its choices, besides you now know that these choices don't lead to a different result, but to the very same one. The course does not matter, think that on an earthly level, everything would be very boring without the challenge of choice.

You must never be afraid to make mistakes. There are no mistakes when your orientation is the work of God. You should accept everything with love, patience and the certainty that it is none other than one more step in the path you have chosen. There is nothing that stops you or turns you back; in all cases, you go forward.

Time does not exist. What you call "sooner" or "later" has no substantial meaning. Time is eternity and the way is always the union with God. You, who know, stay unperturbed when earthly time pressures, and pass on this knowledge to others as well.

When there is faith, then there is nothing that can't be achieved. Aim, organization, work achieve the best results.

Open these texts to whoever asks them from you. It is still early to spread them on a wider level, but one day that will be asked of you too.

Always follow what your heart commands. The mind is a servant, and it should never become a master.

Go ahead with what you know, live in the world that raised you, don't seek to leave it and do not underestimate the lessons it is giving you, or its value. Earthly thisness is sacred, since Our Lord Jesus Christ was clothed in it as well. Attribute to it the holiness it deserves, and honour it by seeking to experience all its facets. Those who renounce it, do so only when the deed they have been entrusted with by God, demands so.

Live in balance. Dependence on the material world exclusively, makes the soul atrophy and so the Temple of God remains empty.

Be joyful with joys, sad with sadness, nonchalance is an effort to shake off the responsibilities and obligations of the current incarnation. Undertake every responsibility which may seem to you to be the responsibility of someone else, because it is also yours. Nobody exists by himself, let's all reach out our hand to those around us, and let's wait for God to talk to them. Our word comes to fruition only when it is the word of God, our soul lives only when God, infuses His breath into it, our spirit only when it is committed to the divine Deed.

Have children. Pray for bright spirits to be incarnated within you, which will mark the road towards Completeness! You already know everything that is asked of you, and you should not doubt it. Your faith will be constantly tried, the trials are hard, but the triumph is great. Do not identify the trials with Truth, because then you stumble into errors. Keep the vision unshakable within yourself, because it is this that will finally prevail and be rewarded.

Time does not live, it is none other than an earthly fantasy, so don't let it become a parameter that judges your steps. Be glad because inside you nestles the Joy of Eternal Truth, the Power of divine Wisdom and the Love of the Eternal and Unquenchable Light. This should comfort you in the moments of your trials, and don't let go, not even from a single corner of your soul, the certainty that your Road is assured. Good is stronger than any other power that exists in the Universe, it is the Eternal Winner. Close your ears to anything that attempts to offer you grandiose victories. Your defeat may be more miraculous than the brightest victory.

Seek the Masters' help, this graces their work. Don't worry if, for a while, they seem far away from you.

The Master never abandons the worthy disciple, however, he lets him solve the most difficult exercise by himself, because then he will make him worthy of the great deeds for which he is destined. The Master loves and takes care of the disciple by silencing. And when the exercises he entrusts him with are hard, then it means that he trusts him even more.

You too be a good master. Love those who need you, and don't hesitate to resign from any plan of yours in order to help the one that asks you to. For whoever doesn't ask for your help, pray to God.

I'm glad you have progressed so much from the moment I talked to you for the first time. The seed I dropped into your soul bore fruits, and that's why I thank you. You read my words, you let them live, and now you listen to my voice. You yourself become the example now. Let simplicity and clarity be your only cares.

When something is not clear and transparent, then you need time for this. Haste is the worst counselor.

You now have everything you need in order to work.

Nothing is predestined and no "time" is predetermined. Feel the freedom and joy of your own choice and decision. Always be happy and brave. Your road is wonderful, our love always your assistant.

To my beloved disciple
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov