March 23, 1998 (a few days before Easter)


You see troubled and wretched people around you. Mental illnesses are exacerbated and consciences dulled; often even My own people surrender to the powers of darkness, sink into pessimism and forget Me.

The era you live in is a troubled era, because Humanity is called before its responsibilities, and before decisive and critical decisions. The mistakes of the past now erupt all together, to mobilize a new commencement in Life. Even those who are not personally responsible for the fate of the world, are called on to encounter it, to come to know the true face of the situation, as well as to have a foretaste of its bitter results afterwords.

Evil, meaning inertia, acts on the other hand, by lulling consciences to sleep, deactivating the defense mechanisms that Life has instilled in every being as an instinct. Immobility is the enemy of motion, the cosmic and final death; whoever defeats inertia sides with Eternal Life, the lust towards which is the Power of Love.

Matter hides great friction within it (as the Science of Physics mentions), capable of immobilizing even the most active movement. Only a constant supply of a driving force anew can defeat friction and carry on the movement. This force derives from the ethereal plane and is the power of Love. Without it, Life slows down and at some point in time becomes immobilized. Those were My words when I spoke to the people about Eternal Life, when I showed them the way to discover it through My own "death", that ultimate sacrifice for Love. My "death" then defeated death, defeated the attrition that leads to Eternal Immobility and marked the way of Resurrection, Restoration to motion, through feeding anew with the power of Love.

Once, some people were seeking the "magic filter of Immortality":  you know that for he who feels his heart alive, there is no death, even in natural death. He, who offers his earthly life as a sacrifice on the altar of Love for something - hence of Love for Life itself - has discovered the secret of Immortality.

Don't worry when you are in pain; be happy then, because Life flows in your veins. Don't worry when you are wounded by Love; calm down then, because you defeat immobilization. Don't worry when you are anxious about the Truth and the Lie; believe then that you are walking together with Eternity.

Feel sorry only for the people whose immune system has been infected with heartlessness; because to them death is simply a matter of time.

Once you are freed from matter, you won't need so much effort any more to feed motion, the vibration of the soul. Then you will feel true freedom, true tranquility, as if you had been carrying a cross uphill that leads to death, and were rid of it ...

Celebrate My "death" with deep awareness of the real Life.

Only God knows the future; because God lives in your self, your self only can know your future.

Ask your self about what you want to know, because your self also knows that present and future do not exist, there is only the Creation of Love, there is what you see behind the eyes, what you hear without sound, what you want to feel.

Ask, therefore, from your self to "see" and feel what it desires, and believe that this is none other than the past, since it lived in your conscience.