March 31, 1998


I spoke to you of Eternal Life, and promised it to you.

Well, now you can understand it: Eternity is the transition from the world of polarizations to the world of the One, Unchanging and Apathetic. Eternal life has nothing to do with time - after all, your scientists also tell you now that time is something "artificial" (but we'll talk about that later) – and of course it is not placed somewhere "else", after death, etc., but belongs to another level of cognition: it belongs to the space where nothing needs its opposite - or its absence thereof – in order to be defined, therefore where the Word does not exist, because the Word defines in this life, and through this it gives existence. So, I spoke of Eternal Life, meaning through the "continuous life" the abolition of death as "absence of life". I abolished death and showed that the soul can eventually be reduced to a level where there are no pairs [i.e. Life-death (= lack, absence of life)], but the final One. The qualitative change of the /e/ to /o/ (i.e. the word [On] (in Greek means Being) stemming from the word [En] (in Greek means One) shows precisely the qualitative difference of Polarized and Eternal Life. When the Being ("On") breaks away from the conscience of division and duality, it will manage to return to the One ("En") and then death will have been abolished as a polar/pair of Life, on the way which I showed by My descent into Matter.