Sunday 26.4.98 (Low Sunday)


In olden times they used to speak of magicians who had the power to create storms, tempests, who could defeat nature and subordinate it to their will. Such "magicians" also exist today, My dear child, and they are none other than the people whose spiritual power is exceptionally great. Provided, of course, they do not become "sorcerer's apprentices" … But still even this is a necessary stage in order to realize how they ought to handle Power.

In reality I didn't do anything. It was all of your own doing, one more test, because you know now within yourself through clear signs that time is running short. And it is absolutely legitimate for you to seek all that you seek. After all, within you, Love has never diminished.

The "..…" had to pay the price, as you say. In the past, "..…" had to pay the price. Consider, though, that at times Power led other people to the cure of difficult diseases. So, do not feel remorse. The results are visible in Matter, and this is finally what you want to achieve and confirm.

I came to you, exactly the way you asked Me to, as a caring and compassionate Father. I always wish for you not to become involved in such tests, but I cannot impede their repetition since you still need it. You must reach this conclusion by yourself, you must conquer it, because no matter how much it appears in words, it does not become finalized. And the finalization of Faith is indeed on your way.

I've told you many times that the Truth lies beyond what the eyes see. And there you are now, your Science tells you that the world is none other than the microcosm of the primary particles, which of course you do not see. It tells you moreover about a Universe with dimensions which tend towards the infinite, it gives you inconceivable numbers – and yet you insist on asking for the verification of the Truth through your senses, which the only thing they perceive is the "lie".

Do not seek Me, therefore, in the world of humans. I was born as a man in order to convey a trace of the Truth to you. Even your scientists speak about the energy of Light, but you refuse to believe Me, because your eyes do not see Me! But just think that your eyes do not see electrical energy either, yet nobody dreamt of doubting it.

I'm not scolding you, beloved child. I commiserate with you and humbly obey whatever you ask of Me, because Love is patient, it doesn't brag. The Lord washes His Servant's feet, because Love is offered without evaluations and balances or exchanges.

That's why it is so powerful though.

Your World, about which you worry, is seized by ignorance – and ignorance is the "Evil". It is the era when the Beast reigns, meaning greed, dependence, indifference, heartlessness. And all this is the lack of the Knowledge of Truth. This Knowledge is so important that it made the First Created feel like stealing from the Tree of "Knowledge of Good and Evil", and afterwards to be punished by being sent away from what they wanted to steal. Because Knowledge is created, cultivated, and only then can one taste Its fruits, and not by trying to violently extract something one did not struggle to cultivate.

This is how it happened with the previous civilization. It, too, was punished by returning to start all over again, in order to be able to become worthy of the Knowledge, and not steal it; also look at the other myth of Prometheus, who stole Fire from the Gods, and was punished. Naturally, punishment is none other than the results of man's action itself, and no God "imposes" it.

What is in danger, therefore, is not Planet Earth, but the Earthly civilization. An ancient wise man, Socrates, said that "nobody is evil of his own free will" meaning that the lack of awareness leads to Evil. Κnow, however, that the seed of Good is very powerful, and a drop of Good - or Light, or Love - may counterbalance an ocean of Evil. Because a molecule of Existence is infinitely more powerful than an ocean of Non-existence. Life is always stronger, and after all, this is what led to the beginning of the Eons, the Big Bang as you call it today.

You and all those who side with the Deed, sow the seeds of the New Tree, which is as strong as the Light opposite the darkness, as Being opposite the No-thing.

There is nothing that you don't know.

Everything exists and functions on the Way of Eternal Life. For you there will not be any dilemmas, but only struggles for the realization of that which already is. Trust the Power and your self.

The Word