May 10, 1998


Beloved disciple, people ought to return to the Total Knowledge, the one Science, the overall view. So far, they have managed to become divided and split the Truth and, of course, insist on the partial. Yet, in that way, they will never be able to touch the Essence.

You must never try to restrain energy – nor, consequently, sexual energy – but you must be careful to channel it correctly. Love, which unites two people in sexual intercourse, functions, as you correctly read, as a safety valve so as to turn sexual energy towards a receiver in a smooth way. People study for years at the University to learn to properly connect electric cables, in order to avoid devastating short-circuits, but they don't think long before they "connect cables of sexual energy" … And certainly, they don't choose to stay in the dark, out of fear of short-circuits, they simply study and know beforehand where and how they will connect.

I remind you about the parable of the Prodigal Son. Just as he left the Father in order to come to know his self, in the same way the Soul detaches from the Ethereal Planes and comes to earth in order to get to know its self. It ties itself to Matter and tries its limits and endurance. And at some point in time, after many wanderings – successive reincarnations – it returns to its primary state having by then chosen this state. Read Plato. Wherever you may seek the Truth, you will find it undivided and unique – suffice you are seeking it with a spirit of convergence.

(- Why do I feel tired? …)

You are not tired. Simply the "pulses" of your own vibration do not tune in to the environment; this makes you feel as if you are continuously swimming against a current.

This factor is what acts on you as fatigue or a negative mood and lack of vigour. Deep relaxation, even for a few minutes, recharges your powers; the association with people, who "transmit" on a similar wavelength, does so as well; (on the contrary, when you are around people, who detune you, see to "closing" your energy, distancing from emotional or spiritual exchanges). Finally, singing harmonizes you with the higher universal vibrations, that is why it is therapeutic even when you think that you are too tired to sing. Don't follow rhythms other than the ones your self indicates to you. Be attuned to your body, and listen to its messages.

(- How can I distance him discreetly?)

(note: she means someone, whom she wishes to avoid, because the association with him seems mentally tiring to her).

Raise a shield of light of violet colour around yourself, which distances. Every time he approaches you, isolate yourself, surrounded by this shield, and concentrate in the detuning of your transmitted messages and his own reception. This isolation will bring about feelings of embarrassment and will distance him. Be careful, though, not to attract people around you who have no reason to be with you in the first place, because you will be obliged to resort to an effort so that you overcome such dead ends.

Besides, everything is ready within yourself. I'm already sending you many signs so they prepare your mood. Hang on in tranquility and silence, because he, who will speak is not you. You know the Truth. Feel confidence in Him who guides your steps and let your self go to simply follow Him.

Master Jesus