May 21, 1998


Your mission is especially important, beloved child, and within yourself you know it. But you fight it, because your humbleness is great. You are here though for yet another reason: because you must resurrect the life which you interrupted. You must live, no matter how tiring it may seem to you, you must choose life.

Mind not to give it (he means the erotic relationship) great power in your life. This happens when we consider that someone is responsible for our own situation. No man is capable of coping with the expectations that "great love", the memory of the divine Erotic Love creates within us, because that is destined only for the Eternal and the Insuperable, for God Himself. People who project this emotion onto simple people, connect them with it – and their self -, and try to experience it believing that the other person "provoked" it in them, are condemned to be disappointed and become embittered, because they tried to "close the Spirit in a bottle" … Love must not be connected with individuals, just as the form must not be connected with the immaterial spirit. Love is not subjected to limitations and conditions. If there is someone who helped us in a specific conjunction of circumstances to recall it from the space of the Eternal and the Infinite, after that we should not identify him with It, because it is as if we identify the moment with time. This is also what the first of the ten Commandments mentions, when it exhorts not to love another as much as the Lord and our God, and not to connect any other earthly person with Love which only in the boundaries of Him can we render.

Finally, I want to advise you not to go back to the past. Your life goes ahead, new and untouched by the past, unless you wish to colour it with its shadow. Do not trust the voice of the Blind, but walk on the steps of the Light.