May 22, 1998


The strong leaning towards the spiritual world creates an imbalance in the development of man's various bodies. Your withdrawal from physical life can create an overgrown Astral body and disorientate the overall sensitive nature of the soul. That is why it is judged strictly necessary for you to remain in life, and most important of all, to love it. Naturally this means that you must firstly love the lower bodies, and your earthly existence.

The reason why you are constantly occupied with the idea of dieting is that in this way you subconsciously express your inclination for dematerialization. However, you must not fight the body, but accept it – on a deeper level this makes you harmonized with earthly life. And this starts from within. You will never love life if you don't stop turning towards and strengthening within you the tendencies to flee.

You must love life means discovering the Good and the Beautiful in it. External factors purposely create difficulties for you, because this will not be offered to you by any external and exogenous factor, but it will spring from the harmonization of your personal entity with life. This is what that dream symbolized: you found yourself alone in the street, and this of course didn't mean that you'll be alone or unaccompanied in life, but that you must face this deeper disharmony by turning inwardly.

In this way you will realize that on all levels of existence you can find the Good and the Beautiful, attune to It and be happy. And in order to achieve this, you won't need to rely on exogenous factors, as I said before, but only on your self. You will then be able to finally see your self "beautiful" in this body or in this or that role.

The most basic condition is not to exclude the possibility of happiness from within yourself. It is important to harness the emotions and especially that feeling of all being in vain and unfulfilling.

Create the life that satisfies you, acting first and foremost though on an inner level. You already have many examples from your own life, where you succeeded in changing the terms that dissatisfied you, at times in a "spectacular" way. That alone should strengthen you in being convinced in advance of the possibility of success.

You must counterbalance the earthly dimension with the spiritual and you can do it. Suffice you turn towards happiness and agree to encounter it. You mustn't accept whatever dissatisfies you but change things: and you'll change them starting from the within. More specifically, you can choose the one among those available that satisfies you the most, each time.

(- And what if nothing satisfies me?)

Then choose the one that displeases you the least at that specific moment, and not that which you think would have a certain expediency in the long run or you "must", etc. And wait for the moment when the one you desire appears in front of you. If you have been involved in plans "of the long run strategy", when the one you expect comes forth, you won't be free to choose it. That's why, be careful with long run planning which allegedly secures the future.

(- What should I specifically do?)

You must emphasize your earthly dimension and infuse into it the joy of life. Your spiritual dimension is already highly developed, that's why you don't need to be concerned with it any more. Besides, whenever you really need it, it emerges (in dreams, intuition, through other people or circumstances). You must work with logic and the senses, and chiefly with the sense of acceptance of your self and life.

Τhe only way to be led to happiness is to dissolve all fears of all things. You must self-confirm to your self that it is able to create happiness everywhere and always, even if chaos reigns around you!

So, you see that behind all this a fear is hidden, and you know of course that fear leads to death. Consequently, you should escape from fear once and for all, and you will build this with small steps, with small victories. After all, you've always been a winner and a brave and just warrior.

Your relationship lives autonomously from now on, and its guide is Me.

Master O.M. Aivanhov