23. The messages we have learned to read into ...

I return to my tranquil rhythms and I praise Him who created me ... all my imperfections are His and my concerns are paths to reach Him. Then I calm down and His thought simply leads me and the end calms me down ... which is nothing but the beginning of His path. Everything is a path, everything is a point of departure and a finishing line at the same time ... my inner unrest is earthy but also profoundly celestial and whatever makes me that way, is that I don't reach anything as long as my feet are firmly on the ground.

And now let's go to matters that are made of the absolute, such as the truth that we are seeking in the Texts, in the Masters' language! It's only there that the spirit rests and only there does it realise the real Truth!

How sweet life actually is when you become conscious of its aim. Then it has a softness that makes you see even the troubles with different eyes. With this hidden eye, which with difficulty sees, it is truly fortunate if it opens at some point.

Detachment means better quality contact with the person who suffers ... not abstinence but only the correct approach and the opening of the soul so that he  fully understands how much we care for him, without anything cheap, without anything clouding the crystal clarity of our love.

The problem of our beloved friend is that she is used to having everything. She does not remember that in order to have everything, we must have nothing ... You understand what I'm saying, please communicate this to her.