I believe the Hereafter


60. The "I want" and the "I do not want" belong to the same spectrum, just like love and hatred are emotions of the same quality. Love is not differentiated from hatred, as far as the general category is concerned, but its opposite, indifference. To love or to hate are differentiated as to the manifestation, but have a common basis which places them in the same category qualitatively: the intense and fervent occupation with the object.

So, denial and affirmation may basically constitute a like re-action to something. Different reaction is not constituted in the opposite of each of the two concepts, but in the lack of re-action. Meaning, whether denial or affirmation, it essentially remains a reaction, while refusal is wrongly regarded as lack of reaction.

The change of a circumstance happens not when two different-extreme manifestations of action or emotion (and their intermediate of course) alternate, but when this action or emotion is abolished as a general category. For instance, the man who is experiencing anger and expresses it openly, just like the man who has denied and repelled it, are in fact on a common level.

It often happens that someone wants something and due to some concurring reasons he cannot have it, he then denies it and "does not want it". He is still at exactly the same point as before. The situation changes as long as the "I want" and the "I do not want" cease to be strong within him. Then he feels that he "neither wants", "nor does not want". So more generally, the delimitation of the being as a being and a non being expands and is contradistinguished from the absence of the being.

The being, either as actual being (positive qualities) or as non-being (negative qualities), falls into the same category. So, the non-being has an entity and a presence equivalent to the being.

To some people there comes a day
when they must say the great Yes or the great No.
He, who has the Yes ready within him
reveals himself at once, and saying it he goes further

towards his honour and his conviction.
He who refused does not repent. Should he be asked again,
No, he would repeat. And yet that No -
the right one – wears him down all his life.

And yet that No – the right one – wears him down all his life,
because the soul is calm only when it believes in love, which is the certainty that there is no other way than the one leading to the End which is the Beginning, to the One which is Everything. Man is free to use fear, if he wishes, as a means to learn the not Being, however, he knows that he identifies with Being, and this will never change.

Those who toil and cultivate Knowledge, know that the seed of Good is very powerful, and a drop of Good - or Light, or Love - may counterbalance an ocean of Evil. Because a molecule of Existence is infinitely more powerful than an ocean of Non-existence. Life is always stronger, and after all, this is what led to the beginning of the Eons, the Big Bang as we call it today.

And all those who side with the Deed of God on Earth, sow the seeds of the New Tree, which is as strong as the Light opposite the darkness, as Being opposite the No-thing.

61. Jesus spoke to us of Eternal Life, and promised it to us.

Well, now we can understand it: Eternity is the transition from the world of polarizations to the world of the One, Unchanging and Apathetic. Eternal life has nothing to do with time - after all, our scientists also tell us now that time is something "artificial" – and of course it is not placed somewhere "else", after death, etc., but belongs to another level of cognition: it belongs to the space where nothing needs its opposite - or its absence thereof – in order to be defined, therefore where the Word does not exist, because the Word defines in this life, and through this it gives existence. So, He spoke of Eternal Life, meaning through the "continuous life" the abolition of death as "absence of life". He abolished death and showed that the soul can eventually be reduced to a level where there are no pairs [i.e. Life-death (= lack, absence of life)], but the final One. The qualitative change of the /e/ to /o/ (i.e. the Greek word [On] (in Greek means Being) stemming from the Greek word [En] (in Greek means One) shows precisely the qualitative difference of Polarized and Eternal Life. When the Being ("On") breaks away from the conscience of division and duality, it will manage to return to the One ("En") and then death will have been abolished as a polar/pair of Life, on the way which He showed by His descent into Matter.

I believe the Hereafter. Appetites for the material
or love for the positive do not delude me. It is not habit
but instinct. The celestine word will be added
to life’s imperfect sentence, otherwise nonsensical.
Respite and reward will succeed action.
When sight is forever closed to Creation,
the eye will be opened before the Creator.
An immortal wave of life will flow from each and every
Gospel of Christ – life uninterrupted.

The man who "trampled down death", searches the Universe to recognize the Lights which delineate His Way.

Jesus creates Time and he, who loses himself in His present, discovers the Eternal. The World lives and is completed within us, and within us we will discover the laws that determine the Infinite. If we are seeking Him, let us hear our Voice and believe it, because our Voice is His Voice and our Voice creates as He does. He is born through us every day, because He is the Non-manifested who manifests in the Worlds. If we go beyond the circumstantial and the specific, we will discover that the manifestations are alternations of the Unchanging, configurations of the Endless. Whoever does not identify with the partial, discovers eternal tranquility, because he is everything, and while he identifies with the Good, he does not identify with its reversal and does not experience pain. Pain is a sign of the sense of terminality. The Eternal is expressed through joy and expresses joy, because it knows the changes, and inside Evil it discerns the arrival of Good. It does not worry inside Good, because there the universe balances again and again, while it is agitated by opposing forces, because Good is the Unity of all qualities, Good is the unification of Good and Evil. One and its absence are included inside the One; the Infinite and the Void are included inside the Infinite. The paradox is that Creation creates the Created again; each Birth gives birth to the World again. Beyond the gates of this world, man knows no distinctions to sub- and ob-jects, because he does not know the dual but the expressed unity.

62. We see troubled and wretched people around us. Mental illnesses are exacerbated and consciences dulled; often even His own people surrender to the powers of darkness, sink into pessimism and forget Him.

The era we live in is a troubled era, because Humanity is called before its responsibilities, and before decisive and critical decisions. The mistakes of the past now erupt all together, to mobilize a new commencement in Life. Even those who are not personally responsible for the fate of the world, are called on to encounter it, to come to know the true face of the situation, as well as to have a foretaste of its bitter results afterwards.

Memories and feelings of our days weep.

Evil, meaning inertia, acts on the other hand, by lulling consciences to sleep, deactivating the defense mechanisms that Life has instilled in every being as an instinct. Immobility is the enemy of motion, the cosmic and final death. Whoever defeats inertia sides with Eternal Life, the lust towards which is the Power of Love.

Matter hides great friction within it (as the Science of Physics mentions), capable of immobilizing even the most active movement. Only a constant supply of a driving force anew can defeat friction and carry on the movement. This force derives from the ethereal plane and is the power of Love. Without it, Life slows down and at some point in time becomes immobilized. Those were His words when he spoke to the people about Eternal Life, when he showed them the way to discover it through His own "death", that ultimate sacrifice for Love. His "death" then defeated death, defeated the attrition that leads to Eternal Immobility and marked the way of Resurrection, Restoration to motion, through feeding anew with the power of Love.

It goes to the edge with such readiness
that you'd think its enjoyment and rewards
will surely start here.
It encounters many hardships on the way.
Foot soldiers hurl their lances aslant;
the castles strike him with their wide
flanks; within their two squares
speedy horsemen with trickery
seek to impede its advance,
and here and there in a corner threat
a pawn comes across his path
sent from the enemy camp.

But it evades all perils
and reaches the final line.

How triumphantly it reaches it,
the dreadful last line;
how readily it touches its own death!

For here the Pawn will die
for this alone it has struggled.
For the queen who will save us,
to resurrect her from the grave
did it come to fall into the hades of chess.

Once, some people were seeking the "magic filter of Immortality":  we, however, know that for he who feels his heart alive, there is no death, even in natural death. He, who offers his earthly life as a sacrifice on the altar of Love for something - hence of Love for Life itself - has discovered the secret of Immortality.

The aeon of Life is His path, which passes through the time-less. As long as our thought accompanies Him, everything will be familiar and close to us. Light and Darkness is the same Being, is the heart that moves in the Perpetual Universe.

I am Ignatius, a reader, who very late
came to my senses. But even so I lived ten blissful months
in the serenity and security of Christ.

The person, who knows the abolition of death, walks the path of liberation in this life, that will enable him to relinquish the lower bodies. The One and Only calls him in undivided love in the path of Unity, unto the great Nothing returned from life, where there is no sorrow, anguish, pain.

This is what a man from Samos, who now lies by the Ganges, experienced. On this thrice-barbarous earth, he lived a life of pain, toil and lamentation. He was deprived of what he loved most in life: deprived of a Grecian voice, and far from the shores of Samos. Since he wore himself out until old age and laboured breathlessly, he himself became an example of his daring and skilful endeavour. Now, therefore, he says, I suffer nothing horrible, and I'm not heading, mourningful, towards Hades. And what he was deprived of - a Grecian voice - he will acquire: from now on I shall speak Greek.

Let us not worry, then, when we are in pain; we should then be happy, because Life flows in our veins. Let us not worry when we are wounded by Love; we should then calm down, because we defeat immobilization. Let us not worry when we are anxious about the Truth and the Lie; we should then believe that we are walking together with Eternity.

We should only feel sorry for the people whose immune system has been infected with heartlesness; because to them death is simply a matter of time.   

Once we are freed from matter, we will not need so much effort any more to feed motion, the vibration of the soul. Then we will feel true freedom, true tranquility, as if we had been carrying a cross uphill that leads to death, and were rid of it...

Fear does not touch the souls that have identified with the Truth, because it does not belong in their dimension. They tread in the footsteps that have been opened up to them, without fear, because there is no beginning or end. Death is life; space is the moment.

63. The wisdom of the East, incorporated in the Bhagavad-Gita, gives us the notion of eternity, through the reply given by the god of war to the Indian king Arsuna.

The Indian Arsuna, a charitable and gentle king,
hated slaughter. He never waged wars.
But the dreadful god of war was displeased –
(diminished was his glory, his temples emptied) –
and entered the palace of Arsuna in great anger.
The king was frightened and said, "Almighty God,
forgive me if I cannot take the life of a man."
God replied scornfully, "Do you
consider yourself more just than I?
Do not be deceived by words.

No life is taken. Know that no one
has ever been born, nor do they ever die."

When, after accumulated experience and knowledge of countless previous incarnations, the earthy man Gautama Sindarta is spiritually awakened and becomes a Buddha, he cries out: "I run through the cycle of many incarnations, seeking the architect. It is tough to be born so many times. Architect, I finally met you. You will never build this house again." (Tibetan Book of the Dead)

But also, one of the strongest texts of the ancient Greek spirit, is a letter sent by Apollonius of Tyana to emperor Valerius, when the latter lost his son:

"There is no death of anyone, but only in appearance, even as there is no birth of any, save only in seeming. The change from being to becoming seems to be birth, and the change from becoming to being seems to be death, but in reality no one is ever born, nor does one ever die. It is simply a being visible and then invisible; the former through the density of matter, and the latter because of the subtlety of being – being which is ever the same, its only change being motion and rest. For being has this necessary peculiarity that its change is brought about by nothing external to itself, but whole becomes parts and parts become whole in the oneness of the all. And if it be asked: What is this which sometimes is seen and sometimes not seen, sometimes in the same form and at other times in another? – it might be answered: It is the way of everything here in the world below that when it is filled out with matter it is visible, owing to the resistance of its density, but is invisible, owing to its subtlety, when it is rid of matter, though matter still surrounds it and flows through it in that immensity of space which hems it in but knows no birth or death.

But why has this false notion [of birth and death] remained so long without a refutation? Some think that what has happened through them, they have themselves brought about. They are ignorant that the individual is brought to birth through parents, not by parents, just as a thing produced through the earth is not produced from it. The change which comes to the individual is nothing that is caused by his visible surroundings, but rather a change in the one thing which is in every individual.

And what other name can we give to it but primal being? Tis it alone that acts and suffers becoming all for all through all, eternal deity, deprived and wronged of its own self by names and forms. But this is a less serious thing than that a man should be bewailed, when he has passed from man to God by change of state and not by the destruction of his nature. The fact is that far from mourning death, you ought to honour it and revere it. The best and the fittest way for you to honour death is now to leave the one who's gone to God, and set to work to play the ruler over those left in your charge as you were wont to do. It would be disgrace for such a man as you to owe your cure to time and not to reason, for time makes even common people cease from grief.

The greatest thing is a strong rule, and of the greatest rulers he is best who first can rule himself. And how is it permissible to wish to change what has been brought to pass by will of God? If there's a law in things, and there is one, and it is God who has appointed it, the righteous man will have no wish (desire) to try to change good things, for such a wish is selfishness, and counter to the law, but he will think that all that comes to pass is a good thing. On! heal yourself, give justice to the wretched and console them; so shall you dry your tears.

You should not set your private woes above your public cares, but rather set your public cares before your private woes. And see as well what consolation you already have! The nation sorrows with you for your son. Make some return to those who weep with you; and this you will more quickly do if you will cease from tears than if you still persist. Have you not friends? Why! you have yet another son. Have you not even still the one that's gone? You have! – will answer anyone who really thinks. For "that which is" doth cease not – nay is just for the fact that it will be for aye; or else the "is not" is, and how could that be when the "is" doth never cease to be?

Again it will be said you fail in piety to God and are unjust. Tis true. You fail in piety to God, you fail in justice to your boy; nay more, you fail in piety to him as well. Would'st know what death is? Then make me dead and send me off to company with death, and if you will not change the dress you've put on it, you will have straightway made me better than yourself."

When your funeral passes by, the Figures shaped by your wishes will throw white lilies and white roses on your coffin, pubescent Gods of Olympus will lift you on their shoulders, and will bury you in the Cemetery of the Ideal where the mausoleums of poetry are whitened.

64. He, who loses his orientation in life, should turn his eyes to God again and draw an example from there. God expressed Himself through Creation. He created the Universe World, because He, Himself, existed in Eternity, and set the Beginning of Motions, because He, Himself existed in its arsis. God existed through His Creation, namely He formed His Self, reflected His Self inside it. So, the Absolute was configured in the Partial, the Timeless in the one Subjected to the dimension of Time, the Infinite in the one Subjected to the dimension of Space. Through Creation, God defined a Face for His Self with specific manifestations each moment. The One became the Infinite in the sense of multiplicity. The will of God for Self-determination bore the specification of each and every potentiality into a form, made every thought visible through potentiality in this direction.

So the Universe composed the Face of God, in which the Creator crystallized His Identity and defined the concept of His Existence. The Universe, being a partial subtotal of the Being, may change indefinitely, take on countless forms, but it can never take the totality of the One, because it was created exactly in order to "split" this totality and express its infinite, partial potentialities. While, therefore, it constitutes the potential One, it cannot actually reach it, because the subtotal can never identify with the total. In other words, this describes what we have also mentioned earlier, namely that man - as essence of God - cannot experience the composition of the partials except only mentally, cannot understand in practice the concentration of opposites at the same point, as for example, the gender-lessness of the angels, namely the unification of the masculine and the feminine into a "denser" element (and here we remind you of the respective unification of colours into white).


Man is that link which connects the world of the intangible with the world of matter. He is that One from which the two worlds start and expand towards infinity, and therein he is the image of God, since he himself (man) too, like Him (God) is the One, the beginning, the hyper-dense moment of potentiality. Therefore man is perfect, since he has the same identity as God, and this life gives him the opportunity to manifest into matter and then transmute matter into immaterial energy, namely to co-unite the two worlds, as a bridge where the elements of these worlds consciously co-function.

So, true Faith is self-knowledge; the distinction of the being from the process of its self-realization. In other words, the belief of not identifying with the flow, but the uplifting of the Self above the flow (motion) to the point of the eternal and unchangeable being. When man feels this situation, then before his "eyes" all the trials of life are transformed into variations of the same substance. Through these – through all the repetitive Alexandrias which he has experienced and bid farewell - he redefines His Self and identifies it with the Eternal and Timeless and Apathetic and Unchangeable. Even the removal of existence – the great No - eventually leads to the one and only category of the One Being - because it is defined through Its opposite also, as for example, Matter and Anti-Matter finally define Hyper-matter.

True Faith is the awareness of actually being.

It is always Alexandria. Walk a little
down the straight road that comes to an end at the Hippodrome,
you will see palaces and monuments that will astound you.
For all the harm it has suffered from wars,
for all that it has diminished, always a wonderful land.
What images, what rhythm, what language, what harmony.
Thus the days pass, and our sojourn
is not unpleasant, for, it goes without saying,

it is not supposed to last forever.

Earthly life has much joy to offer the man who knows the abolition of death. He will seek his happiness in counterbalance; he will love the world he created within himself - as he himself judges them, / wanted them, sees them as beautiful; not as he saw them / in nature or studied them - as God loved the world He created within Him. He does what he must, suffice he knows that this is what appears to be and not what exists. He is not in a hurry to face what exists, because the gaze frightens the unruly animal and puts it to flight. He waits and loves, because his Task is a life task for some people who remember death only. He has the time before him for everything to be fulfilled on time. After all, life is beautiful for him now. He lives it without thinking, without anguish and concern. He knows its cycles and he waits for them without fear. He is loyal to his heart and strict with his fears.

He activates his decisions, always considering causality, i.e. the earthly time required for the materialization of every energy change and he trusts his Self, which is his Soul inside the Soul of the World, meaning God. Reality reigns inside his Imagination, Light lives in his eyes. There is no lie, because the soul that lives within the Light attracts images from the Light. So he trusts what he foresees and moves towards the place his heart considers its homeland. There, fear and insecurity have no place, because there, Love is rewarded with Love and Darkness is rewarded with Light.

So what? For me every rock is a shell;
every open sea like a smooth field.

I do not fear slanting currents of air.
I laugh at tempests and shipwrecks.
The wide streeted Alexandria

will receive me unharmed ... ( ... )

Who is that man who will deny life?

   Even God Himself, the Being of the beings, chose Life for His self-realization. The Creator himself permeated his Creation to re-cognize himself. Our life is the confirmation of Life. Whatever it brings before us is what will remind us of the truth and the path of the return to Being. That is why we should not identify with Having, because having is the means through which being is realized.